Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam

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  • Georgiana and Fitzwilliam
    • Georgiana reveals D's softer side
      • They are very close he often writes to her and speaks about her with "affectionate praise"
      • At first only described through other characters opinions of her so the reader isn't sure what to believe. Miss Bingley says she "delighted me" but Wickham says she is "proud"
        • When E finally meets her she sees that Georgiana has a lot of positive traits- she has a "sense" "good humor" and is very "accomplished" Her pride is just shyness
      • Younger and more timid then Darcy she is also female which makes he less independent then he is
      • Almost eloped with Wickham nearly making the same mistakes as Lydia, reinforcing Austen's message that class doesn't necessarily make a difference to how people behave. It also explains why D is sympathetic about the Lydia scandal
      • Austen uses Georgiana to represent D's emotional vunerability. She shows his kindness and capacity for love, but she is also his weak spot.
        • This is emphasized by the story of Wickham's seduction of Georgiana - which was motivated partly by his desire to get revenge on D
    • Cornel Fitzwilliam is charming but practical
      • Through his character Austen develops the theme of marriage for financial stability. E "caught his fancy very much" but he tells her plainly that he is going to have to marry someone with "some attention to money", because his older brother will inherit most of the family money
      • Another example of a good character who need to marry for money instead of love. His situation shows that inheritance issues can be a problem for men as well as women
      • Austen uses him as another obstacle for D and E to overcome, he accidentally reveals to E that D split up Bingley and Jane, adding to E's dislike to him
      • Also one of the reasons E begins to trust D and re-examine her prejudice against him. D says that "the truth of everything" in his letter can be confirmed by Fitzwilliam, because E trust and likes the cornel she realizes D is telling the truth


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