Of mice and men George

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  • George
    • like a father
      • He reads stories to Lennie (the dream chapter one)
      • He is proud of Lennie ( 'strong as a bull')
      • tries to keep Lennie out of trouble
      • teaches Lennie
    • a good friend
      • loyal
      • shares the dream with him
      • travels with lennie
      • sticks with lennie even when he is in trouble
    • lonely
      • plays solitaire( a one player game)
      • talks about what it could be like
    • the leader
      • takes care of lennies work card and money
      • looks after lennie
      • makes the decisions
    • a softy
      • loyal to his promise
      • protects and defends lennie
    • foolish
      • did not give lennie the professional help he needed
      • distracted by girls and the game horse shoes
  • distracted by girls and the game horse shoes


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