George Of the mice and men

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  • George
    • Protective
      • tells Lennie where to hide if he gets in trouble
        • tells him to stay away from Curleys Wife
          • 'Don't you even take a look at that *****.'
    • Fatherly figure
      • looks after Lennie.. e.g, finds work for them both, keeps all important documents, and speaks for him when they meet the boss.
      • tells him off for drinking so much water without cleaning the surface
      • tells him to put the puppy back with it's mother
    • He has a DREAM
      • to own a piece of land
      • to have a wife and family
      • comforts him and keeps his hopes up
    • Values Lennies friendship
      • "it's a lot nicer to go around with a guy you know."
    • Responsible


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