George Scott: A Ride of Two Halves...

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  • George Scott: "A ride of two halves..."
    • Purpose
      • recount training bike ride
      • to offer an insight into the excitement and opportunities that cycling can offer (especially in spain)
      • to promote 'Wheels in Wheels'
      • to encourage audience to consider taking up cycling as a hobby
      • to build a sense of adventure and beauty (that's accessible through cycling)
      • to inform his subscribers/ followers of the next stages of his cycling journey
      • to promote cycling as rewarding
    • Audience
      • Fans of Road Cycling UK
      • Specific followers/ subscribers of Scott's ongoing cycling blog
      • Novices - doesn't alienate those who have little riding experience
      • Those with an interest in cycling who are looking to take their experience further
      • NICHE= people interested in cycling and (specialist & novice)
      • Those interested in Spain
    • Genre
      • Convention of Blog:
        • - Informal       register    -First person pronouns
        • Headings,  Graphology (link in strapline)
        • Interactive, Colloquial, Shared knowledge
        • Carefully constructed planned, and crafted
        • Captures spirit and movement of trip
    • Context
      • George Scott
        • Assistant editor of 'Road Cycling UK'
        • Working for blog since 2010- reflected through knowledge
        • Avid experiencd cyclist
      • Road Cycling UK is an online blog which aims to provide news, advice & information on cycling
      • 'Wheels in Wheels' offers cycling training and holiday camps
    • Style
      • Informal
      • Travel writing
      • Fiction
      • Linear Narrative


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