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  • George quotes -OMAM
    • 'small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features'
      • the description of George implies he is intelligent with a strong personality but his restless eye suggest he is unhappy
    • 'What the hell kind of bed you giving us anyways. We don't want no pants rabbits.'
      • the quotes describes George as clean-living and wants to be healthy and hygienic.
    • 'I ain't nothing to scream about,'
      • George is modest and does not like attention
    • 'You keep away from Curleys, Lennie'
      • George is a good judge of what a person is like, he can sense danger in someone when they talk to him and Lennie
    • 'Get 'im, Lennie'
      • He has a sense of justice and knows when something is wrong and something is right, he also doesn't want to see Lennie get hurt without any repercussions
    • 'I know, I know'
      • George's reply to slim talking about Lennie being locked up is that he knows he wouldn't survive, this quote sees the portrayal of George as a hero for killing Lennie, it was not out of spite he was helping Lennie by kiiling him in a humane way.


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