Of Mice and Men- George Character Profile

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  • George- Of Mice and Men
    • Friendship
      • 'you get another mouse... I'll let you keep it'
        • George reassures Lennie that he does care for him and helps him to enjoy the things he likes
      • 'We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn...'
        • George and Lennie are different to other ranch workers, they are not alone
      • 'I gotta tell you again, do I? Jesus Christ, you're a crazy *******'
        • Loses his patience with Lennie. He gains from their friendship but is also trapped by it
      • 'think I'd let you carry your own work card?'
        • George must always be the responsible one
      • 'Lennie for God's sake, don't drink so much... you gonna be sick'
        • Protector who has to look after Lennie
    • Dreams
      • 'This thing they had never really believed was coming true'
        • In my opinion Steinbeck captures the essence of the whole novel in this one sentence
        • Candy reveals he has money, George begins to also believe in the dream
      • 'An' if a fren' come along, why we'd have an extra bunk'
        • When telling the dream, George becomes captivated by his own imagination. This shows his desire to have friends and companionship as well as his own land
      • 'I think I knowed we'd never do her'
        • George knows his dream is dead, he begins to talk about Lennie in the past tense already
    • Death
      • 'I should of knew. I guess maybe way back in my head I did'
        • George reveals he knew that Lennie was capable of murder
      • 'He never do this to be mean'
        • George knows Lennie didn't mean it - he desperately hopes Lennie doesn't have to die
    • Violence
      • 'Used to play jokes on him 'cause he was too dumb to take care of himself'
        • George is capable of some cruelty - he used to treat Lennie badly


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