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  • Slim
    • ''all talk stopped when he spoke'' shows he is respected although he is only a ranch worker. He has a certain authority
    • could be seen as more power over Culey ''you caught that hand in a machine''.
    • 'prince of the ranch'' accessible but also hierarchy of power
    • ''hatchet face was ageless'' - has sharp, defined features, could be why anyone can talk to him, sense of youth and normality, no disabilities etc
      • Curley assumes his wife is having affair with him, showing he's insecure of Slim and aware of his features
    • ''blue jeans and denim jacket'' shows he is just like the other workers.
    • ''gravity in his manor'' shows his level of importance
    • ''come we'll have a drink'' shows his support towards George after shot Lennie, and compassionate. Throughout novel, slim evokes confidence in George and empathises with him
    • ''word is law'' shows he is a leader figure of the men.
    • people look to slim for advice, e.g. only after he agrees that the decrepit dog should be put out of misery does Candy agree to.
    • understands the bon between Lennie and George and talks to George about advice or support
    • jerkline skinner, supervisor in charge steering horse carts.
    • to set up the bunkhouse and demonstrate self respect and noble qualities can be found in bunkhouse.
    • Agrees to give Lennie a puppy as he understands his true nature
    • an ally to the drifters, and ensures that justice is done
    • ''his authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love''
    • even Curley apologises for accusing him or having affair with his wife
    • doesn't have grest enough authority to stop Curley seeking out Lennie at end.
      • thinks it's kinder to shoot Lennie than lock him up in jail.
      • support ''You hadda, George. I swear you hadda,''has effect of defending the action to reader as well as George.
    • by end we respect him just as much as ranch do
  • Steinbeck's description of his skills  and personal qualities more full praise than other characters


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