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  • Georgaphy GCSE: case studies
    • Coastal: Holderness
      • Location
        • North east coast
        • very weak clay deposited during ice age by glaciers
      • Holbeck landslide in 1993
        • south of Scarborough
        • destroyed four star Holbeck hall hotel
        • pulled cliff back 70m
        • 3 - 5 of june - 55m by the 4th when guests were evacuated
      • Impacts
        • roads lead to villages no longer there
        • metres if land lost each year
        • Houses  and jobs lost, buildings being unable to be sold as they are too unsafe
        • 30 feet of farmland a year lost further down the cliff
        • gas station 12m from cliff - gas getting into sea and homes without gas
        • insurance wont pay out so no money and no home
        • risk to livestock
      • Coastal management
        • 1991: two rock groynes and some rock armour cost £2 million
        • trapped beach sediment that would have disappeared due to long shore drift
        • did save the main road B1482
        • caused erosion rates to increase significantly further south


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