Geopolitical Tensions

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  • The problems raised by energy : Geopolitical Tensions
    • Oil
      • Power
        • Having large resources in fossil fuels is a source of power.
        • Russia uses its role of main supplier in gas and oil as a diplomatic tool
        • 13 of oil producing companies in south have formed a pressure group named OPEC
          • OPEC
            • Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
            • If they decide to produce less oil the price of oil will increase/rise
              • 1973 and 1979 oil price shocks
            • If they decide to produce more oil the price will drop
              • 2016 they tried to weaken shale oil industry but failed
      • Oil Companies
        • Rich and powerful. 6/10 in the top companies in the world
        • some are private and some are state run
        • Often TNCs (trans natonal companies)
          • Like British Petroleum
            • Have 100 000 people, operate in 100 countries, own pipelines and refineries
    • Geopolitics
      • The Western Powers
        • want to avoid the emergence of one great power in the middle east.
          • Divided the middle east with war
            • a region of small oil rich countries (kuwait,qatar,UAE)
            • 1980s a long war between Iran and Iraq
            • 1991, the first gulf war because Iran invaded Kuwait
            • 2003, Britain and USA invade Iraq to increase military presence
        • only bring more instability
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    • Conclusion
      • Fossil fuels
        • As long as they are important fighting global warming will be difficult.
        • Due to power of big oil companies and will of rich emerging countries
      • Positives
        • 2015, USA and China agree to cut back on CO2
        • the COP 21 led to a global agreement to limit global warming to 1,5.
      • Negatives
        • Donald Trump doubts climate change
        • He has boosted production of coal and built the XL pipeline from Canada to USA blocked by Obama


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