geometry and measures

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  • Geometry and measures
    • metric and imperial units
      • metric
        • length; 10mm=1cm 100cm=1m 1000m=1km
        • weight; 1000mg=1g 1000g=1kg 1000kg=1tonne
        • capacity; 1000ml=1litre 100cl=1litre 1000cm3=1litre
      • Imperial
        • length; 1foot=12inches 1yard=3feet
        • weight; 1stone=14pounds 1pound=16ounces
        • capacity; 20fluid oz=1pint 8pints =1gallon
      • Comparisons between metric and imperial
        • length; 2.5cm=1inch 30cm=1foot 1m=39inches 8km=5miles
        • weight; 25g=1oz 1kg=2.2lb
        • Capacity; 1litre=1.75pints 4.5litres=1gallon
    • compound measures
      • Average speed=total distance/total time taken
      • combination of 2 or more measures
      • Time = distance/speed
      • Density = mass/volume
        • mass=density x volume
        • Volume = mass/ density
    • Accuracy of measurement
      • Discrete measures can be counted
      • Continuous measures need a measuring instrument
        • are not exact, eg. to nearest kg
    • Transformations 1
      • changes the position or size of a shape
      • Translations
        • moves a figure from one place to another
        • Vectors used to describe distance & direction
        • Vector  written as  a                   b
          • a = horizontal movement
          • b = vertical movement
      • Reflections
        • creates an image of an object in other side of mirror line
        • mirror line known as axis of reflection
        • size and shape not changed
        • when describing, write equation of mirror line
      • Rotations
        • turns a figure through an angle about a fixed point
        • fixed point called centre of rotation
        • wen describing give centre of rotation, direction, angle of turn
    • Transformations 2
      • Enlargements
        • change size but not shape
        • centre of enlargement is point from which enlargement takes place
        • scale factor; how many times original lengths increased
          • sf>1, shape gets bigger
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A detailed and thorough mind map covering geometry and measures

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