Geography Population Dynamics Part 2

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  • Geography B Unit 2 - Population Dynamics - Part 2
    • Comparing Countries
      • There are differences in population growth because:
        • Differences in birth rates and death rates
        • Differences in the number of people migrating in and out of a country
      • Japan
        • In Japan their population it rapidly falling
        • Narrow base indicating few children are born
        • "Top heavy" pyramid meaning there is an ageing population
      • Nigeria
        • In Nigeria their population is increasing rapidly
        • Nigeria's population pyramid has a wide base, indicating a youthful population
        • Birth rates are high and so is death rates
    • Challenges in an ageing population
      • Healthcare cost and demand rises
      • Cost of nursing homes and residential care
      • As it ageing less people will be working meaning lower tax meaning lower quality of healthcare
    • Factors that influence population structures:
      • Economic Growth:
        • In Japan chldren are seen as a "cost"
        • In Nigeria children are seen as an "asset" to help out with work
      • MIgration
        • In Japan immigration is very low
        • About 300,000 people emigrated from Nigeria in 2012 to look for jobs
      • Conflict
        • War can lead to a country's population to go down as more people die when fighting
    • Challenges in a youthful population
      • Costs in providing food and education
      • Cost of healthcare for young people
      • Could lead to really young children  working


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