(Geography) Relief, Convectional and Frontal Rainfall

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  • Geography- Rainfall
    • Releif
      • 1) Mass of moist air reaches a range of hills and is forced to rise.
      • 2) Rising air cools to form less water vapour, then condenses into clouds.
      • 3) Further cooling occurs and droplets turn into rainfall
      • 4) Water warms as it falls. This area is drier and creates a rain shadow.
    • Convectional
      • 1)  When earth is heated by sun, air above is warmed up.
      • 2) Rises as convection currents and during rising the air cools down.
      • 3) Vapour condenses and forms tall clouds.
      • 4) Water droplets grow large and air cannot support them, this causes torrential rainfall often with thunder.
    • Frontal
      • 1) Mass of warm moist air meets cold air, this is called a front.
      • 2) Warm, light air is forced to rise over cold heavy air
      • 3) As air rises it cools and condenses into clouds
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