LEDC case study earthquake

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  • Geography LEDC earthquake case study- Sichuan, China
    • Secondary effects
      • It cost £75 million to repair the damage
      • Artificial dams were created from blocked rivers
        • Risk of flooding
      • Landslides blocked roads and buried buildings
    • Immediate responses
      • Situation assessed
      • Twenty helicopters sent to search
      • Trapped survivors rescued
        • Difficult because of steep relief
    • Primary effects
      • Cracks appeared in buildings in Chengdu
      • Dujiangyan- a school collapsed trapping 900 students
      • Transport links destroyed
      • Power supplies cut
      • 69,000 died
    • 12th May 2008 2:28pm
    • Cause
      • Indian plate moving towards the Eurasian plate. The plates became stuck and the pressure was released along a fault
    • Long term responses
      • Buildings rebuilt and repaired
      • The Red Cross sent aid
    • Magnitude 7.9


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