Defences along Holderness coastline

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  • Geography coasts case study- Mappleton, Holderness
    • Erosion is happening fast
      • Geology is weak
        • Mostly boulder clay
          • No structure and not compacted
      • Only a small beach
    • Defending the coastline
      • 14 villages taken by the sea
      • Bridlington, Withernsea and Hornsea are protected because of tourism
      • Mappleton is protected because it is cheaper than moving the B1242 road
      • Mappleton was 50km from the sea but is now 1km
    • Sustainable management
      • None of the defences will last a long time
      • Businesses are allowed to move into agricultural land
      • For every 4 caravans lost 5 will be built
      • Spurn point is being held in place because of shipping and the lifeboat service
    • Arguments for defending the coastline
      • Villages, homes and businesses protected
      • Attract tourists meaning more money
      • Cheaper to build defences than to relocate people and rebuild infrastrucute
    • Arguments against defending the coastline
      • Areas to the south are eroded more e.g. Aldborough south of Mappleton
      • Costs a lot of money to build and maintain defences
      • Not sustainable to only protect certain parts of the coastline
      • Rocks and material will need to be replaced


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