Geography cliff collapse Barton-on-sea

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  • Geography cliff collapse case study- Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire
    • Area susceptible to erosion
      • Eroded 2m a year
      • No beach due to Dorset using groynes
        • No friction to slow waves
      • Rock is clay and sand
        • Loosely bound together
          • Erode more easily
          • Don't have much strength
      • Small streams run into permeable sand adding weight to the cliffs
      • The waves have a long fetch so are more powerful
      • Permeable sand is on top of impermeable sand so the weight is heavier
    • People make the situation worse
      • People building on top of the cliffs
        • Adds weight
        • Interferes with drainage
      • Groynes in Dorset stop longshore drift
    • Impact of human activity
      • Houses and buildings are being lost to the sea due to cliff collapse
      • Land is lost for farming
      • Less people will visit the area so tourists businesses will lose money


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