Geography sea level rise the Maldives

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  • Geography case study:sea level rise- The Maldives
    • The Maldives are 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean
    • Global warming
      • Burning fossil fuels adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
      • A layer is created in the atmosphere reflecting radiation back to earth
        • Extra heat is melting the polar ice caps adding more volume of water to oceans
    • Economic effects
      • Lose tourism
      • Lose fishing
      • Cost to build sea defences
      • Land will be lost
      • $63 million loaned from Japan
    • Social effects
      • Houses and possessions lost to flooding
      • People have to move away from friends and family
      • People forced to leave homes
      • Traditional way of life lost
    • Political effects
      • People will become environmental refugees
        • 400,000 people will have to be moved
          • Hard to find places for these people to go
      • Country is in debt
        • Took out loans from Japan to build a sea wall around Male
    • Environmental effects
      • Coral reef needs a specific depth of water
        • If the water becomes deeper they will die
      • Creatures around the reefs will die
      • Ecosystem associated with the reef lost
      • The country will disappear under water


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