UK's ageing population

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  • Geography case study of ageing population- UK
    • Why an ageing population
      • People are living longer
        • Improving living standards
        • Advanced medicine
      • Baby boom in the 1940s and 1960s
        • Those born in 1940s are now retiring
      • Birth rate falling
        • Proportion of older people has gone up
    • What problems are caused
      • Government is struggling to pay for state pensions
      • Elderly people living in poverty
        • Working population isn't large enough to pay for pensions
      • Health service is under pressure as older people require more medical care
    • Strategies to cope with an ageing population
      • Raising retirement age
        • People are working longer
      • Encouraging immigration of young working people
        • More people working and paying taxes
      • Encouraging women to have more children
        • Giving families tax credits to make having children more affordable
      • Encouraging people to take out private pensions
        • Less people are dependent on state pensions


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