Montserrat volcanic eruption

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  • Geography-case study: Montserrat volcano
    • Primary impacts
      • 50% population evacuated from south to north
      • Pyroclastic flows
        • Forest fires
        • Flooding
      • airport, schools, hospitals and port closed
      • 23 people died
      • 2/3 of the island covered in ash
    • Short term responses
      • Shelters built in the north
      • £4,200 offered to everyone over 18
      • Britain gave £41 million to rebuild homes
      • 20th June 1998 permission given for people evacuated to live in UK permanently
    • Secondary impacts
      • People had to live in the north
        • unsuitable living conditions
      • Less transport links
      • Less tourists meaning less money
      • Over half the population left and never came back
    • Long term responses
      • Exclusion zone set up
      • Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) set up
      • Hospitals/ schools built in the north
      • Permanent housing in the north built
      • The north of the island became more developed e.g. airport, roads
    • Positive impacts
      • Become a popular tourist destination
        • More money for the island
      • Ash will break down to make fertile soil
    • Negative impacts
      • People died
      • People had to leave homes
        • Were evacuated to the north of the island


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