Geography C9

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  • Geography C9
    • Why does population change?
      • Birth rate
        • Number of children born per 1000 of the population in a year
      • Death rate
        • Number of people who die per 1000 of the population in a year
      • Natural increase
        • The difference between the birth and death rates
      • Life expectancy
      • Fertility rate
        • The number of children that women have in their lifetime
        • If women have 2 or more children, the children replace their parents
    • Population structure
      • Economic growth
        • In Nigeria, children can be an asset, as they can help on the farm
      • Migration
        • Can boost a countries population
      • Conflict
        • Can lead to a lower number of people in a country
      • Japan is ageing rapidly
        • Healthcare costs and demands rise
        • The cost of nursing homes for the elderly is rising
        • A shortage of workers is an issue facing Japan today
      • Nigeria's youthful population
        • Population is poor
        • The costs of feeding is high & education costs are high
    • Why do countries control their populations?
      • Pressure on resources
      • Overcrowding
      • Ageing
      • Skills shortages
    • Population policies
      • China: Anti-natalist
        • Population was growing rapidly
        • Large population is a problem
        • 'One child policie
        • Now have a rapidly ageing population
        • spoilt children 'Little emperors'
    • Migration policies
      • Reduce or increase migration
        • Positives
          • Reduces skills shortages and help economy keep growing
          • Offset the problem of ageing by attracting working aged immigrants
        • Negatives
          • Fears among 'locals'


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