geography specifiction B

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  • Geography coastal
    • 1.1 the coast a, multi-use area
      • econmical uses include
        • fishing (both commercially and for sport/leisure)
        • Ports for cruise ships and impors/exports providing jobs/tourists
        • Hampshire- exon oil refinery,fawley chemical factory
    • 1.2 case studies Dubai and Bahia
      • Dubai
        • 11km of coast for internation hotels resorts and marinas
        • Dubai land 24 shopping malls and theme parks
        • largest indoor ski dome in ze world
        • resort airport with private beach and golf courses
      • Bahia,Brazil
        • 15 year development plan
        • $2 billion USD on tourist development
    • 1.3 coastline erosion?
      • waves
        • constructive swash(forward motion) is stronger than backwash
        • destructive backwash is stronger than swash
      • cliff erosion
        • the hydraulic action  leaves a 'wave cut platform'
          • hydraulic action is the sheer force of the wave expanding air in the cracks of cliffs
        • Abrasion is when rocks or other debris get caught in the force of a wave and smash on the cliff
  • $2 billion USD on tourist development


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