Geography places- Barcelona

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  • Barcelona
    • Need of rebranding
      • Population grew rapidly in the 19th century now stands at 1.7 million
      • Pre 1939 was known for culture architecture
      • 1939 the culture was suppressed and its vibrant image was lossed
    • Strategies involved sport
      • In 1992 olympic games was a massive rebranding moment
        • Riverside park for business and media
        • All levels of society was involved
        • The NOU stadium was a turning point allowing 98,000 people to watch
    • Strategies involved Culture
      • Art and culture has a long history in barcelona
      • Gaudi architecture is recognised worldwide and attracts thousands of tourists
    • The raval rebranding background
      • In the inner city one of the most densely populated areas in the world
      • Industry is low skilled employment
      • Poor quality housing
      • Led to a reputation for petty crime sex working and drug dealing
    • The raval district rebranding projects
      • Flagship development
      • Gentrification was an issue
      • 1,700 buildings destroyed for a large tree lined pedestrian area for festivals and markets
      • Student accommodation built
      • Costs- 5 million and 80% was from the EU
      • New hotel built for tourists
    • Contested rebranding
      • Created social tension
      • Long standing elderly residents have been pressured to move out
      • Graffiti protests are evident
      • Socio- economic gains
    • Assessing rebranding
      • change in design
      • demographic change
      • Crime statistics
      • retail change
      • Change in occupation of residents
      • Photographs before and after


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