Geography Migration- Laos

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  • LAOS
    • Key facts
      • Net migration of -1.1
      • 1.3 million live abroad mainly in Thailand
      • 20,000 foreign born live in Laos
      • Many work in construction and mining
    • Reasons they move to Thailand
      • Laos= substitute farming
      • Daily wage in Thi= 300bhat compared to 80 in Laos
      • No education and low skilled jobs in high demand
      • Language is familiar
    • Interdependence with Thailand
      • dominated numerically by the outward flow of unskilled labour
      • Remittances assist development
      • Funded large health services
      • members of COMMIT to help combat human trafficking
    • Limited influence on global migration system
      • Nobody has an accurate record due to lack of investment in border control
      • Lots of human trafficking means that it is only estimates
    • Opportunities
      • The migrant corridor is the largest in ASEAN and has helped stimulate political and economic cooperation
      • Bilateral relations extend beyond reciprocal labour migration
      • Vietnam- 400 investment projects ab migrant remittances as 22% live below poverty line
    • Challenges
      • Most migrants are low skilled with limited education
      • Many travel illegally and more vulnerable to human trafficking
      • Its growth depends on the conditions of the working environment


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