Geography- Changing Places

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  • Changing         Palces
    • 2.1- The highs and Lows of Place
      • Placelessness : an area that lacks uniqueness. when global forces have a greater influence on shaping place than local factors.
      • Tourist experiences of place of interest are mediated by professionals in the tourist industry.
      • All Places have a differing meaning and importance for individuals; they perceive them differently according to their own experiences
      • Placelessness,increased uniformity= a British problem
    • 2.2- Defining Place and Identity
      • The concept of place has 3 different aspects: location, Locale and Sense of place.
      • Our understanding of, and attachment to, our environment expands with age.
      • The central importance of our home informs our identity.
      • Any change/threat to that place may lead to greater consciousness it, - localism, nationalism.
      • Many groups in society are actively excluded form Britain today.
      • Some BME Britons feel out of place in rural areas, in part, as result of historical representations of rural Britain in the media.
    • 2.3- Categories of place.
      • We perceive near and far placed differently.
      • Such differing perceptions have informed a wide spectrum of human behaviour from the use of mocking names for different nationalities.
      • Time- space compression is changing our experiences of the so-called friction of distance.
      • Media places, which we have only seen images of or heard about, increasingly inform our everyday lives.
      • Geographers have contrasting views on whether our understanding of experienced and media places is similar or different.
    • 2.4- What shapes the character of places?
      • Endogenous factors, physical(geology) + human (local culture)
      • Exogenous factors: relationships with other places.
      • Exogenous factors may regulate trade,ideas, movement of people += evolving built environment
      • Demographic characteristics of a place (using census data) helps inform us about character of place.
      • EU immigration into the UK, influenced character and culture.
    • 2.5- The dynamics of change
      • All places are continuously re-shaped by social processes.
      • Social Processes can originate locally and internationally.
      • Social Processes operate at regional government, or international institutions+ global organisations (the WTO).
      • Past and Present connectioins shape places.
      • Community + local groups also shape place.
    • 2.6- Management + Manipulation  of place meanings.
      • External agencies, as well as community groups aim to influence place meanings to shape behaviour.
      • The rebranding Plymouth was intended to promote the cities cultural amenities, in order to retain skilled workers.
      • in Llandudno local entrepreneurs helped publicise the historical link with the Alice in wonderland story.
      • Visit Britain's 2015 social media campaign made Britain's regional sites more user friendly to Chinese tourists.


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