GCSE geography birth rates and LEDCs amd MEDCs

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  • Geography
    • Birth rates and death rates
      • Birth rate = No. of births per 1000 people per year
      • Death rate = No. of people in every 1000 who die each year
      • The difference in birth and death rates cause changes in population
      • Natural increase (%) = B.R-D.R/10
    • Changes in B.R and D.R
      • In India, family planning programme been in place since 1930
        • Has little effect over reducing  birth rates
      • Birth rates are falling in places such as Spain and Italy due to improved quality of life and education
        • Social changes mean more people in higher education and women have their children at an older age
    • LEDCs and MEDCs
      • LEDCs
        • High birth rates
          • High birth rates because: poor contraception, tradition to have large families, poor education, high infant mortality, early ages of marriage, children needed to help on farms
        • High death rates
          • High death rates because: many diseases, natural disasters, overcrowding and poor sanitation, poor diet, war and military coups, poor health care
      • MEDCs
        • Low birth rates
          • Low birth rates because: low infant mortality, late marriages, women go out to work, contraception widely available
        • Low death rates
          • Low death rates because: vaccination against diseases, good diet, high level of hygiene, large number of doctors


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