All about rivers

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  • Geographie
    • Meanders
      • Ox bow lakes are formed when the river starts eroding at the edge of the bank and cuts the bank.
    • Waterfalls
      • Waterfalls are formed when there is a overhang and it calopses it does this over and over again til a gorge is formed.
        • Erosion/Abrasion
    • Dams
      • Dams are made when there is too much water and you want to regulate the water flow in to the rivers
    • Leeves
      • Leeves are formed naturally or manade they are used to build up banks to stop water floding over the banks
    • Resovouris
      • Resovouris are made to store water until we need it.
      • Dredging
        • Dredging happens when we need the canals deeper to stoor more water and to make sure bigger boats can get through


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