Geographical determinants in Australia and UK

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  • Geographical Determinants
    • UK
      • Relatively small country so helped communication and travel during development of sport
      • Landscape is green rolling hills, mountains do not succeed 4000ft, no genuine wilderness
      • One climate type 'western maritime' which gives us warm summers and mild winters, climate restricts outdoor activities
      • Population is 62 million and has a high population density of 200 people per sq mile
      • Easy access for sporting activities due to railway network and development of sophisticated roadways and air transport in 20th century, this has helped promote sport in UK
    • Australia
      • Australia is 32 times larger than the UK so travel and communication had to over come the 'tyranny of distance'
      • Varied landscape of coast, scrub arid land, desert and mountain areas which  exceed 7000ft, areas of genuine wilderness
      • Diverse climate with temperate coastal conditions being the favourite
      • Population of 22 million in which 18 million live on eastern sea board, population density is 7 people per sq mile. Australia is an urban country so in Sydney there is 10,000 per square mile which helps commercialisation of sport
      • Distance is a problem for sport development, railway system began in 19th century, today has very good transport routes, all airports are accessible and railways link local suburbs


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