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  • Gentrification
    • Positives: Area becomes more affluent, increased services, development creates jobs, reduced urban sprawl, increase in standard of living
    • Nagatives: Locals can't afford living and housing costs due to less council and rent available houses. Poor are forced into neighbouring communities causing stress on services and crowded living conditions
    • Causes: Rent gap - cheap housing with potential are brought at a low price, redeveloped and sold for profit.
      • The abolition of rent control in 1957 was to encourage investment in property. But led to ruthless landlords - like infamous Peter Rachman -  cashing in on the now lucrative housing market by bullying tenants into leaving.
        • Triggered Gentrification of Portland Road
    • Done by the people for the people. Causes migration of upper class into a city with an improved quality of life
    • Notting Hill
      • Background & problems
        • Industrial revolution caused the building of small low quality terraced housing
        • Crowding and the influx of poor immigrants caused riots, conflict, racial abuse and further poverty and crime
          • 108 people charged with crimes such as grievous bodily harm, affray and riot and possessing offensive weapons, 72 were white and 36 were black.
          • Police arrested more than 140 people during the two weeks of the disturbances, mostly white youths but also many black people found carrying weapons.
          • 1958 race riots - increase in Caribbean  migrants to Britain. a mob of 300 to 400 white people, many of them Teddy Boys  Bramley Road attacking the houses of West Indian residents
        • Regenerating since at least 2000
      • Impacts of gentrification
        • Housing prices are now around £1million reaching £3.5mil on Portland road.
        • 62% capita growth in 5 years
        • Trellick tower known for **** and drugs is now a grade 2 building & a 'trendy address'
        • Notting Hill carnival was a response to the Race riots and now attracts million people each year and is the biggest of its kind outside Rio.
          • Notting Hill carnival in 1976 resulted in a riot and 100 police officers being taken to hospital
        • The area is surrounded by poverty and those who have been forced out of the area due to the increased living costs
          • Housing demand and therefore prices have risen in surrounding areas
        • Small local shops and business are now high end stores such as Cath Kidston and American Apparel
        • Still huge economic gap in Portland Road. Some of the highest earners in the country lived at the Southern end and centre, some of the lowest 5% live on the North side.
        • While pioneer gentrifiers  believed very strongly in comprehensive schools. They believed that their children should be mixing with poorer children to learn from each other,  the whole discourse has changed as gentrification has become more hegemonic


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