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  • Gentrification
    • Background
      • Gentrification is a process of HOUSING IMPROVEMENT
      • Low-income groups displaced by more affluent young professionals.
      • Can bring about regeneration of inner cities
      • Unlike property-led regeneration, it is NOT A SCHEME. It is led by individuals.
      • Openly ENCOURAGED by estate agents, building societies and even local authorities.
    • Positive Outcomes
      • The social mix of the area is changed and becomes more affluent.
      • Purchasing power of the area is greater, leading to increased prosperity.
      • Refurbishment of homes creates jobs in design/ building work etc.
      • Bars, restaurants, boutiques etc. open.
    • Negative Outcomes
      • Local people find it increasingly difficult to afford homes in the area as the price of refurbished property rises.
      • Fewer homes available to rent as homes are sold.
      • Friction between newcomers and original residents.
    • Gentrification in Notting Hill
        • Industrialisation brought workers from the countryside to Notting Hill, and rented tiny terraced houses.
        • In Victorian times it was a rough, working-class, area.
        • Slums and inner city deprivation by the 1950s, including race riots in 1958 and later in 1976.
        • 30 years of gentrification here has caused prices to rocket.
        • Homes can cost more than upmarket Mayfair.
        • Open spaces so desirable area for families
        • Popular with celebrities e.g Stella McCartney
        • Popular Portobello Road Market
        • CULTURE: Notting Hill Carnival every August Bank Holiday


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