Genie Evaluation

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  • Genie Evaluation
    • +High Eco Valid
      • Real case study, represents what happened to Genie.
    • - Behaviour may be due to mental retardation before privation.
    • - Effects be worse due to her abuse.
    • - Genie may not have recover as she had no attachments.
      • The Koluchova twins had each other and were able to recover with this attachment.
    • + Gained qualitative and quantitative data
      • Observations and intelligence tests.
        • + Validity
    • - Ethics
      • Genies needs were not put first.
        • Only considered research objectives.
      • Subjected to too much testing: distressing.
      • Publication furthered researchers careers.
    • + Knowledge of language development discovered.
    • + Pseudonym 'Genie' used for confidentiality.


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