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  • Genetics
    • Variation
      • Genetic variation
        • eye colour
        • natural hair colour
        • height/weight
        • blood group
        • what we inherit from our parents
      • Environmental variation
        • height/weight
        • ear piercing
        • tatoos
        • caused by our surroundings
    • data
      • continuous- characteristic that changes gradually over a range of values
        • eg height
        • eg weight
        • eg foot length
      • discontinuous- with only a limited number of possible values
        • eg eye colour
        • eg gender
        • eg blood group
      • graphs
        • histograms- bars with no gaps in between.
        • bar chart- bars have gaps in between
    • Twin studies
      • help us learn how much variation is genetic and how much is due to the environment
      • identical twins are genetically the same so any differences are due to the environment
      • non identical twins are genetically different. similarities are due to the environment
    • Keywords
      • genes- short length of chromosome
      • chromosome- carry genes and made up of DNA
      • organism- something that''s alive, made up of cells
      • allele- different version of the same gene (brown/blue eyes)
      • nucleus- contains genetic material in the form of chromosomes


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