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  • genetics
    • gamete
      • sex cells produced in meiosis
    • chromosome
      • a long chain of DNA found in the nucleus
    • gene
      • small section of DNA that codes for a particular protein
    • allele
      • alternate forms of the same gene
    • dominant
      • a type of allele; always expressed if only one copy present and when paired with a recessive allele
    • recessive
      • a type of allele; only expressed when paired with another recessive allele
    • homozygous
      • pair of the same alleles, dominant or recessive
    • heterozygous
      • two different alleles are present 1 dominant, 1 recessive
    • genotype
      • alleles that are present for a particular feature e.g. Bb or bb
    • phenotype
      • physical expression of an allele combination e.g. black fur, blonde hair, blue eyes


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