Genetically Inherited Diseases

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  • Genetically Inherited Conditions
    • PKU
      • Main feature: Toxin in the blood
        • Damage to organs e.g. brain
      • Cause: Two faulty recessive genes
      • Treatment: Special diet
    • Huntington's disease
      • Main feature: Nerve (brain) cell death
      • Cause: One faulty dominant gene
        • Forgetfulness, Clumsiness, Loss of motor control, Personality change
          • Treatment: drugs to reduce symptoms
    • Haemophilia
      • failure to clot blood
        • loss of blood
        • Anaemia
        • Internal bleeding
      • Caused: one faulty recessive gene in males
      • Treatment: Regular injections of clotting factor.
    • Colour blindness
      • Main feature: difficulty telling colours apart
        • Cause: two recessive genes in females. one recessive gene in males
        • problems with vision
          • treatment: tinted lenses
    • Down Syndrome
      • Main feature: facial appearance and reduced intelligence
      • Cause: one extra chromosome
        • Reduced school achievement
          • Treatment: special education


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