Genetic Theories of Aggression

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  • Genetic Theories of Aggression
    • AO1
      • Introduction
        • Genetic explanations argue aggressive behaviour result of a persons genetic make-up
          • Certain individuals are predisposed to act aggressively due to inherited genetic abnormalities
            • The more genetically similar you are to an aggressive individual the more likely you are to be aggressive.
    • AO1
      • XYY Chromosome Defect
        • 0.1% male population have an additional Y chromosome
          • Y chromosome is the male chromosome, males are the more aggressive sex
            • Makes sense that the inheritance of an additional Y chromosome may lead to increased levels of aggression
              • E.g. 3% of prisoners have an additional Y chromosome
    • AO2
      • XYY theory of aggression may have face validity, there are contradictory findings
        • Theilgaard
          • Found no strong correlation between XYY and aggression, stating the only characteristic seemingly linked was above average height
        • Witken
          • Found no link between XYY syndrome and increased aggressiveness
            • Did find a negative correlation between XYY and level of IQ
              • XYY's were more likely to commit crimes, not necessarily aggressive


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