Genetic Manipulation

A mindmap including every type of genetic MANIPULATION you need to know for unit 4. NOT genetic engineering, this is a different thing.

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  • Genetic Manipulation
    • Population Control
      • Increasing pop^ density = higher productivity. (May lead to quicker spread of disease and increased competition)
      • Optimun livestock stocking density different for different species eg. highland and lowland sheep.
    • Monocultures
      • Growth of a single crop over a large area
      • Easy management eg same pesticides - but disease spreads easily.
      • Low labour inputs - and so energy inputs
      • Large scale and so cost effective using large machinary
      • Large fossil fuel inputs because of reliance on mechanization.
    • Vegetative Propagation - Asexual
      • Cuttings
        • End of stem in damp soil, plant hormones help roots grow. Genetically identical plants.
      • Micropropagation
        • Plant tissue on agar jelly under controlled conditions. Thousands of genetically identical plants.


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