Genetic Factors of Schizophrenia

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  • Genetic Factors
    • AO1
      • Schizophrenia more common among biological relatives of person with schizophrenia
      • Twin Studies - Joseph (2000) pooled data shows nconcordance rate for MZ twins of 40% and DZ twins 7%
      • Use of 'blind' diagnoses produces lower concordance rate for MZ twins but still higher than DZ
      • Adoption study by Tienari - if biological mother schizophrenic, 6.7% of adoptees also schizophrenic
    • AO2
      • Environments of MZ twins may be more similar than for DZ twins
      • Differences in concordance rates may reflect environmental similarity rather than role of genetics
      • The fact that schizophrenia runs in families may be due to factors that have nothing to do with heritability
      • Adopted children form schizophrenic backgrounds may be adopted by particular adoptive parents, making conclusions difficult to draw
      • Many studies have to include 'schizophrenia spectrum disorders' to show genetic influences
      • Evolutionary perspective - schizophrenia may have adaptive advantage


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