Genetic Engineering

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  • Genetic Engineering
    • Crops
      • Disrupts natural world
        • Certain butterflies extint by GM crops
        • Crop yield not always higher (cotton)
      • Developing world farmers depend on big business (corrupt)
      • Lasts longer
    • Animals
      • To be healthier and less prone to disease
      • Dolly the sheep Cloning
      • Many died
      • Higher quality meat
    • The Human Embryo
      • Embryo research legal in Britain
      • Stem cells can be removed from Embryo up to 2 weeks
        • Not a human
      • Causes and solutions to genetic disorders
      • Wrong to develop specifically for research?
      • Stem cells can be gotten from umbilical cord and from adults
      • Utilitarianism doesn't place value on embryos
    • Genetic Modification of Humans
      • Designer babies
        • IVF can alter DNA to eradicate some genetic diseases
        • Can alter the gender
        • Disturbing nature
        • Not greatest good - Super race make the majority inferior
      • Saviour Siblings
        • Means to an end
        • Why should sibling life be less sacred
      • 'Playing God'
        • The world isn't perfect Aquinas imperfection part of greater plan
    • Can it be universilised?


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