genetic diversity

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  • Genetic Diversity
    • Selective Breeding
      • also know as ARTIFICIAL SELECTION
      • help to parent the next generation
      • unwanted characteristics are bred out of the population
      • identifying individuals with specific characteristics
      • over many generations the population will all possess the desired qualities
        • but they will have reduced genetic diversity
    • The Founder Effect
      • a few individuals of a species colonise a new region
      • these individuals carry with them a small fraction of alleles from the population
      • the new population develops but with less genetic diversity
        • they have fewer alleles so are less able to adapt to changing conditions
      • the new population may become a entirely new species over the generations
    • Genetic Bottlenecks
      • when populations suffer a dramatic drop due to an event
        • for example natural disaster or human interference
      • the survivors possess a smaller amount of alleles
      • the few left re establish but the genetic diversity remains restricted


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