Genetic Engineering

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  • Genetic engineering, including Cloning
    • The Nature
      • Genetic engineering in medical issues is using techniques of gene development to find cures or prevention for disease and disabilities in humans
      • recently cloning processes have been used to grow healthy cells to replace the diseased ones
        • this involves creating stem cells either from embryos produced for IVF but not used, or from adult bone marrow or blood
    • non religious views
      • for: it offers the prospect of cures for currently incurable diseases
      • for: being done in other countries
      • for: cloning using animal eggs does not involve loss of human life
      • for: genetic research is closely monitored by the law, but has vast potential benefits
      • against: too little info about long term consequences
      • against: if anything were to go wrong it would be permanent
      • against: it treats the human body as no different from plants
    • Christians views
      • Some support it because:
        • Jesus showed that Christians should do all they can to cure disease
        • Finding genetic cures is no different from finding drug cures
        • Embryos are not foetuses until the are 14 days old
      • Others support it only if it does not involve the use of embryos:
        • life begins at the moment of conception whether in a womb or test tube and killing is wrong
        • Embryos have been produced by un-Chrisitan means
      • Some are against it because:
        • they believe that God creates the genetic make-up of each person at conception and people have no right to interfere with this
        • it is trying to play with God and this is a sin
        • it is wrong to try to make Earth perfect; only heaven is perfect


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