Bio T4 Genetic modification/ engineering

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  • Genetic engineering/ modification
    • Uses
      • Agriculture
        • Crops genetically modified to be resistant to herbicides (chemicals that kill plants) so farmers can spray crops to kill weeds without affecting crop
        • Extend shelf-life
      • Medicine
        • Genetically engineering bacteria to produce proteins (e.g. insulin)
        • Transferring useful genes that produce proteins into sheep/cows can be extracted from the animal (e.g. through milk)
          • Hard to predict effect modifying it's genome will have on organism many embryos don't survive or have health problems later in life
            • Embryo - unborn or unattached offspring in process of development
    • Process
    • Basic info
      • Need long term research
      • Expensive
      • Organisms that have been genetically modified called GM organisms


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