science b3

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  • Genetic engineering or genetic genetic modification
    • What is Genetic engineering
      • genetic engineering is when you are artificial gene from one ****** to another.
    • The differences between genetic engineering and selective breed is that genetic engineering is a faster process than the other.
    • advantages of genetic engineering
      • It's faster when produce desire organisms
    • The risk of genetic engineering
      • the inserted genes maybe harmful
    • How does genetic engineering
      • Some enzymes can cut pieces of DNA from one organism
        • they join them into a gap in the DNA of another organism
          • This means that the new organism with the inserted genes has the genetic information for one or more characteristics.
    • Genetic modification
      • animals
      • plants
        • the make gm crops, some gm crops are resistant to certain weed killers while others are resistant to insect pests
      • microorganisms
    • Gene making insulin
      • restriction enzyme cut out gene
        • Enzyme cuts bacterial DNA and inserts insulin gene


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