Genes and gender A01

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  • Genes and gender A01
    • chromosomes   male=        xy, female ** 23 pairs chromosomes per cell
    • chromosomes > hormones produced ie xy > more testosterone prenatal development hormones> external genitalia, brain development
      • external geneitalia initiallymale + female embryos  same genitalia, 3 months testosterone > male genitalia penis, testicles> behaviour baby labelled boy/girl at birth > gender identity
      • brain development exposure to testosterone > masculine brain Geschwind et al girls better empathising, boys categorising understanding systems systematisers Baron-Cohen Animal studies female monkeys deliberately exposed testosterone prenatally> aggressive play Quadagno et al
    • abnormal development male abnormal devel= androgen insensitivity syndrome , insensitive male hormone> no penis Barista family labelled girls, adolescence testo' > growth of penis, testicles


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