generators and microphones

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  • generators and microphones
    • alternators
      • create an alternating current
      • generators rotate a coil in a magnetic field
        • as the coils spins a current is induced
          • current changes direction every half turn
      • constructed like a motor
      • have slip ring
    • dynamos
      • create a direct current
      • work like alternators but have a split ring
        • this causes the connection every half turn
          • causes the current to keep flowing in the same direction
    • oscilloscopes
      • show the generated pd
    • microphones
      • generate current from sound waves
      • loud speakers in reverse
      • sound waves hit diaphragm
        • the diaphragm is attached to a wire coil wrapped around a magnet
          • causes the coil to move in the magnetic field creating a current


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