Age, beleif and participation

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  • Generation, belief and participation
    • Age
      • 65yr olds are most likely to attend church. High rate of participation among 15-44, largely due to parental pressure.
      • The lowest rate of participation is 15-19. The past 30 yrs there has been a decline in church attendance.
    • Darce
      • 15-34 less likely to believe in God due to society becoming more rational and looking to science.
      • Before WW2 it was not multicultural, the population wasn't exposed to variety of religions which is the real one?
    • Age, sects and cults
      • Young adults are more likely to join sects.
        • Have more freedom, as traditional religion has less influence in society they might experience anomie.
      • Middle aged/class join cults. Has to much at stake to join a sect, which may require them to withdraw from the world


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