Generating Electricity

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  • Generating Electricity
    • Fuel For Electricity
      • Almost all electricity is generated from coal, gas or oil-fired power stations
      • Biofuels are a renewable source of fuel that are also carbon neutral
      • Nulear power uses nuclear fission and harnesses power from it to supply to the national grid
    • Energy From Wind and Water
      • Wind power is from wind turbines that generate electricity from the force of the wind
      • Wave power harnesses the kinetic energy from waves to power dynamos and other devices
      • Hydroelectric power is similar to wave power but uses flowing rain water collected in reservoirs to do the same job
      • Tidal power traps  a high tide and lets it through its turbines to power the station
    • Power From The Sun and the Earth
      • Solar panels harness photons from the sun
      • They are very inefficient only converting under 10% of light into energy
        • Large amounts are used to harness a decent amount of energy
      • Geothermal energy utilizes the molten rocks underground to heat water into steam to power turbines
    • Energy and the Environment
      • Fossil Fuel Problems
        • Burning fossil fuels releases a lot of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses
        • Burning them also produces sulfur dioxide which causes acid rain
        • They are non-renewable
      • Nuclear Problems
        • Explosions will effect areas for years
        • Waste has to be stored for years for it to be safe
    • The National Grid
      • There are two types of transformer used on the national grid
        • Step-Up transformers are used to step the voltage up to grid voltage of around 132,000 volts or more
        • Step-Down transformers are used at local substations to lower the voltage so that houses can accept the power, around 230 volts
      • The voltage is raised so that less power is lost when the electricity is transported long distances


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