MMBFD #12 General Divorce Statistics

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  • General Divorce Statistics
    • A steady rise in divorce rates in modern industrial society is throughout the 20th century.
    • They number of divorces peaked in 1993 at 180,000 before dropping a little to 150,000 in 2000
    • For example 15% of all marriages in the UK in 1961 were remarriages for on of both partners.
    • In 1911, 859 petitions for divorce were filed in England and Wales of which some 3/4 were granted.
    • The proportion are marriages that are remarrying has also been rising
    • There was a slight increase to 157,000 in 2001
    • Variations in divorce between social groups
      • Working class have a higher rate of divorce than the middle class
      • Older people now divorce more. Couples married for more than 30 years are twice as likely to  divorce as they were 10 years ago
      • Asians have far lower rate of divorce that white
      • there is a higher rate of divorce for couples in the first five years of marriage
      • Childless couples are more likely to divorce that couples with cihldren
      • teenage marriages are twice as likely to end in divorce
      • Those who marry partners of a different social class, ethnicity or religion re more likely to end in divorce
    • By 2001 this figure has risen to approximately 154,000 although the years of 2001-2004 have seen a gradual increase to 167,000


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