General anaesthetic

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  • General anaesthetic
    • What is it?
      • medications used to cause loss of consciousness
        • unaware of surgery
        • liquid injected through cannula
        • gas breathed in through mask
      • interrupts passage of signals along nerves
      • will make sure you continue to receive anaesthetic and stay in a controlled state of unconsciousn-ess
      • after procedure anaesthetic turned off and gradually wake up
    • When is it used?
      • essential for some surgical procedures
        • may be safer or more comfortable for you to be unconscious
      • usually for long operations
      • operations that may be very painful
    • Side effects
      • most side effects occur immediately after operation and dont last long
      • feeling sick / vomiting
      • shivering and feeling cold
      • confusion and memory loss
      • chest infection
      • bladder problems
      • dizziness, bruising, or soreness
      • sore throat
      • lip or dental damage
    • Complication-s and risks
      • serious allergic reaction
      • inherited reaction
      • death
        • very rare
      • more likely if:
        • having major / emergency surgery
        • overweight
        • smoke
        • have other illnesses
      • most cases - benefit of being pain free outweigh risks
      • possible to wake during surgery
        • very rare
        • greatly reduced my monitors


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