General economic problems + Ancien Regime

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  • General economy in France
    • Poor Harvests
      • led to food shortages
        • worsened by growing population
      • Spring 1789 - 88% of Parisian workers' wages go towards buying bread.
      • Grain shortages led to inflation.
    • Unemployment
      • manufacturing industry slows down as people can't afford to buy excess goods
        • leads to riots
          • Révellion riots (April 1789)
            • When Révellion(wallpaper manufacture) made derogatory comments about the high cost of wages
            • Riots hoped that the King would be able to fix their problems when the Estates-General met
              • Economic crisis led to the politicisation of the Estates-General
          • 'Long live the King' 'Long live M. Necker'


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