mutations in genes

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  • Gene Mutations
    • base sequence
      • substitution: one base is swapped for another
      • deletion: one or more bases are removed
      • insertion: one or more bases are added
      • duplication: one or more bases are repeated
      • inversion: the sequence of bases is reversed
    • frameshift
      • adding or deleting changes the number of bases present
      • this causes a shift in all the bases that follow
    • neutral mutations
      • mutation changes triplet, but the amino acid it codes for doesnt change becuase of degenerate
      • amino acid changes but is chemically similar so functions similarly
      • mutated triplet codes for an amino acid not involved with proteins function
    • beneficial mutations
      • EG some bacteria break down antibiotics. mutations on the genes could make them digest a wider range.
      • this means they will survive and reproduce
    • harmful mutations
      • cysitc fibrosis cause by deletion of 3 bases in the gene that codes for CFTR
      • it now folds incorrectly so gets broken down, leading to excess mucus


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