Gender, power and the family...

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  • Conjugal roles, housework and childcare...
    • Conjugal roles...
      • Two types of conjugal roles:
        • Segregated
          • Husband breadwinner and wife housekeeper and child carer.
        • Joint
          • Men and women do equal paid work, housework and childcare.
      • Research
        • BSAS - shift away from traditional roles.
          • LINK - Divison of Labour.
    • Symmetrical family
      • KEY STUDY = Willmott and Young (1973)
        • Symmetrical family was becoming more common.
        • Moved to wards equality within marriage.
        • Ann Oakley (1974) - accused W+Y of malestreaming (patriarchal)
      • Symmetrical family is where husband and wife have joint conjugal roles.
    • Chilcare
      • Mary Boulton (1938) - Mothers take on more responsibility when looking after children.
    • Time
      • Gershuny (1999) - men strat to do much more housework but in 1997 women still did a massive 60% of domestic, even with both partners working.
      • BTUS (2005) - women spent longer amount of time than men on housework and childcare, however men spent more time g paid work. Men had more leisure time.
      • Men do fewer household tasks
      • Men take less responsibility for childcare.
      • Men had more leisure time than women.


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