Gender Explanations for Crime and Deviance.

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  • Gender Patterns of Crime and Deviance.
    • Oakley.
      • Canalisation.
        • Passive Femininity.
    • Heidensohn.
      • Malestream Sociology.
      • Women face more informal control to prevent them turning to crime than men: gossip, reputation etc.
    • McRobbie and Garber.
      • Bedroom Culture.
        • Invisible Deviance.
    • Denscombe.
      • Woman now take part in equally as much risk taking behaviour as men.
      • High levels of female fraud and shoplifting.
    • Blackman.
      • New Wave Femininity.
        • Using their sexuality to resist the control of men.
    • Lyng.
      • Current society is too safe for the modern day man.
        • Edgework.
    • Scheff.
      • Self Confidence.
    • Pollark.
      • Chivalry Thesis.
    • Messerschmitt.
      • Crisis of Masculinity.
      • Feminisation of the Work Force.
    • A. Cohen.
      • Status Frustration.
        • Young Working Class Males.
    • Hirschi.
      • Bonds of Attachment.
    • Parkin.
      • In crime, males are a negatively privileged  status group.


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